Paranoid London will release a new EP paying tribute to Bubbles, the San Francisco DJ, artist, and LGBTQ activist who was shot and killed in September last year. 

We understand that the English duo met Bubbles, real name Anthony Torres, at Sunset Campout last year and decided to make a track together—before Bubbles was killed in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district in a late-night incident. 

Using audio from Bubbles’ Facebook posts, Paranoid London have now created a three-track EP, credited to Paranoid London with Bubbles Bubblesynski, and scheduled for August 17 release. It’s Paranoid London’s first release since 2016’s  Give Me The / Our Man Though. All proceeds will be donated to St. James Infirmary and Lyon Martin, and the original artwork piece is also being auctioned off for the cause. 

“Everybody on the West Coast knew Bubbles Bubblesynski. We were going to make a record with him before he was murdered. We made it anyway with audio from his Facebook posts and we’ll be donating all profits to 2 LGBTQ friendly organizations in San Francisco.” Paranoid London


A. The Boombox Affair 

B1. Beats & Bubbles 

B2. The Boombox Affair Acidapella 

“The Boombox Affair” is out now via Paranoid London Records, with the 12″ landing on August 17.  

Meanwhile, you can stream “The Boombox Affair,” a hypnotic, repetitive, pounding acid house track, in full below.