Always an outspoken and emphatic activist when it comes to politics, Guerilla Funk label boss, Public Enemy collaborator, and artist in his own right Paris is ready to unleash another solo album, just in time for the 2008 elections.

As expected, Paris leaves no stone unturned on this new album. Acid Reflex, set for release on September 9, traverses a wide range of topics lyrically, from police brutality to the war in Iraq, to Darfur, the Congo crisis, and religious fanaticism. Musically, the album will feature George Clinton, Chuck D., and Paris protege T-K.A.S.H. Rock the Vote might sway a few young people, but nothing gets a listener fired up about corrupt politics quite like Paris.

01 Don’t STop the Movement
02 So What
03 Blap That Ass Up
04 The Trap
05 Get Fired Up
06 Neighborhood Watch
07 Acid Reflex
08 True
09 The Violence
10 Winter in America
11 The Hustle
12 Don’t Stop the Movement (Warrior Dance Mix)