Elusive producer Patricia (a.k.a Max Ravitz) is set to release his second full-length called Bem Inventory, on British imprint Opal Tapes, at the end of next month.

As heard in the track preview of “Mercury In Retrograde,” the producer’s distinctive brand of hardware techno can be expected throughout this latest effort, which also features a collaboration with Canadian producer Cloudface.

This marks Patricia’s return to Opal Tapes since his first release on the label in 2013.

Find a track preview below.

1. Mercury In Retrograde
2. Just Visiting feat. Cloudface
3. Life Is A Hideous Thing
4. Bed Of Nails
5. Needs A Nap
6. Hadal Zone

Opal Tapes will release Bem Inventoryon August 30, 2015.