Max Ravitz will release a new album on Ghostly as Patricia.

As Patricia, Ravitz is a mainstay in New York’s DIY electronic music scene, with releases on labels such as Opal Tapes, Nona, and Ghostly’s Spectral Sound. This is his first album since 2017’s Several Shades Of The Same Color, and his first ever on Ghostly proper.

Over the course of 10 songs, Ravitz presents a more varied stylistic approach than past Patricia releases, shifting away from some of the “lo-fi” sounds he’s known for. The album draws its title from his childhood nickname and broadly encompasses acid, IDM, and techno.

Accompanying the announcement is lead single “Downlink,” streaming below with a video made by Ravitz and his partner using analog video techniques from the 1960s and ’70s. They modified a Vectrex game console for voltage control, allowing them to control the screen with a modular synthesizer, and rescanned the Vectrex with a camera and colorized using LZX modular video synthesizers.

Ravitz also releases under his own name and in duos Inhalants, Masks, and Pulpo.


01. Dew Point
02. Myokymia
03. Dripping
04. Triune Brain
05. Julia Set
06. Downlink
07. Dr Oetker’s Ristorante
08. Crushed Velvet
09. Turtle Funk
10. Ctenophora

Maxyboy LP is out on June 26 on vinyl and digitally. Meanwhile, you can pre-order here and stream “Downlink” below.