This week, cerebral London artist patten released his second album, ESTOILE NAIANT, via Warp, an occasion we helped highlight just yesterday with an illuminating and engrossing feature on the atypical artist. And the busy producer has now followed it all up with the announcement of his first world tour and yet another music video from visual collaborator Jane Eastlight. The clip for “Winter Strobing” is about as unusual of a visual accompaniment as we’ve come to expect from a patten song, with the director simply following behind a girl in a blue jacket as she casually walks through public spaces in London during a single uninterrupted shot. Subtly perspective-altering visual effects come and go at random, but we never find out who this girl is or where she is going—which could very well be the point.

As for patten’s tour, the producer will embark on a series of dates around the globe starting at London’s Rough Trade East tomorrow, after which he’ll go on to play in Norway, Japan, Germany, Italy, Belgium, France, and select cities in the US. The full list of upcoming performances—which includes appearances from Oneohtrix Point Never, Forest Swords, Darkstar, and James Holden—can be found below, underneath patten’s new video for “Winter Strobing.”