patten will release a new album next month, titled GLOW.

Created entirely during lockdown, GLOW surfs austere, emotive landscapes, with slowly unwinding clusters of interlocking melodies, melding metal riffs, modern classical atmospheres, elegiac synthesizers, shoegaze guitars, and overdriven basslines. It’s entirely beatless, and follows last year’s FLEX, also on 555-5555, and 2016’s Ψ on Warp, which stemmed from live performance.

Helmed by a producer known only as “D,” patten is a solo project purveying an ultramodern potent strain of shapeshifting, prismatic club music. On previous releases Psi and 2017’s Requiem, “D” was joined by a guest vocalist.

GLOW forms 555-5555’s second release, after FLEX.


01. Clandestine Modal
02. Screen Burn
03. Rorschach
04. Lavender Crest
05. Heat Transfer
06. Soft Power
07. Memory Palace
08. Chronoblur
09. Valley Commerce
10. Neck Tat
11. Epoch
12. Mission Creep
13. Lariat
14. Axial Tilt

GLOW LP is out digitally on July 3 via 555-5555. Meanwhile, you can pre-order here and hear “Soft Power” below.