patten has released Aegis, a new album.

Aegis is the fourth album that patten, a London-based producer, has released in 12 months. Glow, an entirely beatless effort surfing austere, emotive landscapes, and GLO))) landed earlier this year. These follow last year’s FLEX, also on 555-5555, and 2016’s Ψ on Warp Records, which stemmed from live performance.

There’s no information available about the release, other than that it features “Ten new portals. Rogue data.”

Helmed by a producer known only as “D,” patten is a solo project purveying an ultramodern, potent strain of shapeshifting, prismatic club music. On previous releases Psi and 2017’s Requiem, “D” was joined by a guest vocalist.


01. Labyrinth
02. Heat Loss
03. Cloak
04. Gravity Bond
05. Torque
06. Drip
07. Cerulean
08. Optics
09. Goo
10. Vertigo

Aegis LP is available now. It’s available to stream below and order here. A video for “Torque” is also streaming.