Paula Temple‘s Noise Manifesto will release Lady Blacktronika‘s first record as Femanyst this coming June.

Lady Blacktronika, real name Akua Marcelle Grant, has been a prolific house artist since being discovered by Mike Huckaby in 2007 and has been releasing ever since. Until now, she’s not released as Femanyst, an alias for a darker, techno-oriented sound.

The four-track EP will be released on Noise Manifesto on June 1, following Femanyst’s appearance on a day-long program Temple has curated for next month’s Nuits Sonores Festival in Lyon. The day’s other guests include Rebekah, DJ Stingray, and SØS Gunver Ryberg.

Temple has also been busy in the studio producing three tracks for Fever Ray’s Plunge LP, and now delivers two remixes of “This Country” track, one of which is streaming below.


Post-Traumatic Rave Syndrome
01. Hy Breed
02. Burnout Trash
03. Killa Rabbit
04. Bat Shit

Fever Ray Remixed
01. This Country (Paula Temple’s Destroy Remix)
02. This Country (Paula Temple’s Instrumental Version)

Post-Traumatic Rave Syndrome will land on June 1.