Berlin-based English producer Paula Temple has announced the details of a new release from her Noise Manifesto imprint. The high-concept Decon/Recon project is intended to explore a new way of remixing that takes “the hierarchy between the original artist and remixer” found in traditional remixes out of the equation, instead “placing all remixers and composers of parts on equal footing and as part of a composing collective.” To that end, the project includes four contributors; on Decon/Recon #1 these are Oni Ayhun (an alias of The Knife co-founder Olof Dreijer), Jam Rostron (a.k.a. Planningtorock) appearing under her new Aquarian Jugs alias, rRoxymore, and Temple herself appearing under her Jaguar Woman alias. For the release, each artist has contributed components of a track into a common archive, and then have worked together to “reconstruct” the parts into individual productions.

The resulting tracks will then be presented without noting who was responsible for each one, in order to, as the press release explains, “put identity into a crisis by giving a collective authoriality.” Decon/Recon will also involve a few showcase events, with all four artists appearing together on April 30 at the Donau Festival in Austria, and then again on June 19 at Arena in Berlin. Noise Manifesto will release Decon/Recon #1 on April 20 in limited-edition vinyl and digital formats; in the meantime, the EP’s artwork, tracklist, and a stream can be found below. 

A1. DR1-1
A2. DR1-2
B1. DR1-3
B2. DR1-4