Noise Manifesto‘s next Decon/Recon EP is on the way.

Last year, Paula Temple‘s Noise Manifesto released the first Decon/Recon EP—a collaborative work between Oni Ayhun, Planningtorock, rRoxymore, and Temple herself. The next instalment, which follows a similar format will hit stores next January.

Contributions this time round come from Rrose, Danse Noire’s Aïsha Devi & SØS Gunver Ryberg, as well as Paula Temple. Each artist put together a track from the other artists’ sounds, yet the release credits all four artists equally on all four tracks. The concept is intended to put affinity ahead of hierarchy and ego attachment.

On the release, Temple stated: “It feels like the physical and mental realms we accept as reality and function within are being stripped away. Maybe that is weird to say about underground dance music, but I find the journeys each of these artists take you on are very exciting in how they affect you.”

Decon/Recon#2 will hit stores January 27, 2017.


A1. DR2-1
A2. DR2-2
B1. DR2-3
B2. DR2-4