PBDY (pronounced “Peabody”) will release his debut album via Brainfeeder next month, titled Careworn.

Careworn is the first in a trilogy of records by PBDY exploring the human condition, specifically love, loss, and death. Written after the passing of his mother, amongst other heartaches, the album explores the aftermath of someone trying to move on and reflect the anxieties of not knowing when things will get better. The title, Careworn, is defined as “tired and unhappy because of prolonged worry.”

Sonically, the album floats between textured ambient soundscapes and widescreen electronica, and draws inspiration from experimental doom/sludge metal act The Body, Massive Attack, and film scores such as “Moonlight” by Nicholas Britell.

It’s founded on home recordings but features contributions from friends and family, including guitarist Jeff Parker (of pioneering post-rock outfit Tortoise), Miguel Atwood-Ferguson (violin), and drummer Justin Brown. Also featuring are Brainfeeder label mates Salami Rose Joe Louis (vocals) and Miguel Baptista Benedict (guitar), plus many more.

Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, PBDY (real name Paul Preston) moved to Los Angeles, encouraged by Brainfeeder label head Flying Lotus. PBDY has been the resident DJ at the heart of the Brainfeeder family for nearly eight years, but recently began releasing his own music.

In 2017, he linked with Jeremiah Jae under the moniker JP Moregun for a moody, psych-heavy rap mixtape on Brainfeeder. It was PBDY’s first outing in the role of producer. Then, last year, he made his solo debut on Brainfeeder, contributing “Bring Me Down” to the label’s Brainfeeder X compilation.


01. Ultra-Gash
02. Bring Me Down (feat. Salami Rose Joe Louis)
03. Prey/Pray (feat. Casey MQ)
04. Eucalyptus & Lavender
05. So Help Me (DOG)
06. Tears or Rain (feat. Samuel T. Herring)
07. At All Costs (feat. Salami Rose Joe Louis)
08. This State of Mine (Mind) (feat. Anika)
09. 8:48 P.M.
10. Tale’s End (feat. Laurence O’Hara)

Careworn LP is out November 15, with new single “Tears or Rain” (feat. Samuel T. Herring), streaming in full below.