Bonar Bradberry and Thom Thorpe (aka PBR Streetgang) will release their next EP titled Whiplash this August on 20/20Vision, the Leeds based website which distributes quality electronic music around the globe.

PBR Streetgang have been on the rise over the past few years having locked themselves into a residency at Space in Ibiza and by releasing tracks for many of the current leading imprints such as Hot Creations, Futureboogie, and Wolf Music. Now the two are back on 20/20 with some fresh material following their ‘At Dez’ EP on the label in 2012. Starting off the Whiplash release, we are treated to a raw, tom-driven bass hook and sporadic stab sequences laid over seven minutes with a subtly unfolding dynamic. “Return To Page One” is the second original production on the release, which comes in with a lower tempo and lays the focus on a low-slung rhythmic drive.

On the B-side, “Return To Page One” gets two different reworks courtesy of Gerd Janson and Phillip Lauer‘s group, Tuff City Kids. The first remix is labelled as a “Disco Mix”, along with a second more vintage feeling edge on the “Electro Mix”. Both remixes are equally as great as the original, with Gerd and Phillip adding their own unique takes on an already respectable release.

The tracks will be available digitally in a little less than a month on August 3. Visit Juno Records online for clips and information about the release, and check out PBR Streetgangs last release that came out on Toy Tonics to get a feel for what these guys have coming up.