The Peacefrog label will soon repress albums from Moodymann and Theo Parrish—namely the former’s Mahogany Brown and the latter’s First Floor Part One and Part Two.

Mahogany Brown was Moodymann’s second album; while First Floor was Parrish’s debut full-length, and was released as one CD but broken up into two vinyl volumes. Both were released in 1989.


Moodymann Mahogany Brown

A1 Radio
A2 Sunshine
A3 On The Run
B1 M.E.A.N.D.N.J.B
B2 Mahogany Brown
C1 Me And My Peoples Eyes
C2 Stoneodenjoe (House)
C3 Joy Part III
D Black Sunday

Theo Parrish First Floor Part 1

A First Floor Metaphor
B Only The Beginning
C1 Sweet Sticky
C2 Paradise Architects
D Love Is War For Miles

Theo Parrish First Floor Part 2

A1 Electric AlleyCat
A2 JB’s Edit
B Dark Patterns
C Heal Yourself And Move
D Sky Walking

Mahogany Brown is scheduled for February 2 reissue, with First Floor following on March 10.