Peaking Lights will release a new EP on Dekmantel, Sea Of Sand.

Over the past decade, the California electronic pop duo’s music has appeared on City Slang, Night People, and Domino, among others. Sea Of Sand is their first release of 2018 and their Dekmantel debut; all material over the past three years has arrived on their own imprint, Two Flowers.  

Indra Dunis handles vocals, synths, piano, and live electronic drums with Aaron Coyes handling synths, drum programming and live dubs via a mixing console. 

The release features six tracks, exceeding 30 minutes in total, and forms the prelude to a forthcoming LP. 

We’re told to expect a “kaleidoscopic melting-pot of dainty dub, experimental and leftfield beats, with wondrous sunny soundscapes that blend together the unconventional home-fashioned electronics, and windswept vocals that have defined Peaking Lights to date.”


01. Blind Corner 

02. Hypnotized 

03. Shift Your Mind 

04. I Can Read Your Mind 

05. Noise Of Life 

06. Sea Of Sand 

Sea Of Sand EP will arrive on October 15, with clips streaming below.