Last year, Stones Throw’s Peanut Butter Wolf got a little sacrilegious with his maleficent mix entitled 666, and now the time for penance has come. 777 is a collection assembled by PBW that’s centered around all things spiritual. It was compiled after a seven-day L.A. tour (seven clubs, seven genres), and completed in one take. If you value your salvation, or whatever, download this podcast and repent.

1. Electric Prunes/David Axelrod “Holy Are You”
2. Bruce Devenish “The Lords Prayer”
3. Springs of Joy “Springs of Joy”
4. Street Christians “Think A Jesus Thought”
5. Brother Brian O.H.C. “Touch Me Not”
6. YZ “Thinking Of A Master Plan”
7. Jeru The Damaja “You Can’t Stop The Prophet”
8. Freestyle Fellowship “7th Seal”
9. Slick Rick “Moses”
10. Franklin Thompson “Dinosaur”
11. Singer of Songs “The New Direction Singers”
12. 20th C. Steel Band “Heaven And Hell Is On Earth”
13. Lightmen Plus One “All Praises to Allah”
14. Good Thanxs “Good Thang”
15. Rev. Peter Scholtes “Shout & Clap Your Hands”
16. P.S. 186 “Thou Shall Not Kill”
17. Abdul Rahim Ibrahim “Suratal Ihklas”
18. John Innes & Bill Fasig “His Peace”
19. Gideon “Swing Low Sweet Charriot”
20. The Gospel Soul Revivals “If Jesus Came Today”
21. Deliverance “Only Jesus”
22. Bruce Devenish “Lamb Of God til”
23. Barrington Levy “I Can’t Wait Too Long”
24. Prince Far I “The Vision”
26. Abyssinians “Satta-A-Masagana”
27. Culture “See Them A Come”
28. Tenor Saw “Lots of Sign”
29. Johnny Osborne “Truth And Rights”
30. Harold Melvin “Prayin”
31. The Followers of Christ “You Can Be a Winner”
32. Fertile Ground “Peace & Love”
33. Ellis and Cephis “Heaven”
34. Bro. Isaac Jenkins “Moment Away”
35. Billy Parker’s Fourth World “Get With It”
36. Carter Freeman “Walk With Me”
37. Norman Weeks & Revelations “Hold On”
38. Face to Face “Prince of the Dark”
39. New Testament Youth Troop “Gospel Rappin”
40. Brand Nubian “Allah And Justice”
41. Spirit of Love “Fill Me Up, Fill Me Up”
42. Otis G Johnson “Receive The Power/This Is the Day”
43. The Musical Harts Of Detroit “In Times Like These”
44. Ceme Svelto “Svetlu Vstric (Towards The Light)”
45. Pharoah Sanders “Japan”