Peder Mannerfelt and Malcolm Pardon will return as Roll The Dice with six collaborations with Pär Grindvik, Alessandro Cortini, Glasser, Goran Kajfes, Sophia Loizou, and El Perro del Mar.

Roll The Dice recorded all six studio partnerships over the past three years and they each emerged digitally as Assimilarity around the same time as their their most recent LP, Born To Ruin, in 2017. This is the first time the tracks will be released on vinyl and together, comprising a 12″ that “pushes their penchant for cinematic soundscapes in striking, unusual directions,” the label explains.

Alongside the music, Fabio Almeida has created individual artwork for each of the pieces, which will be presented as six prints within the EP. The original pieces will be on display at a launch party and exhibition for Assimilarity in Stockholm on March 17.


A1. Roll The Dice & Pär Grindvik “Buried”
A2. Roll The Dice & Alessandro Cortini “Hydra”
A3. Roll The Dice & Glasser “Elevate”
B1. Roll The Dice & Goran Kajfes “Sketches of Pain”
B2. Roll The Dice & Sophia Loizou “Head Drop”
B3. Roll The Dice & El Perro del Mar “Big Black”

Assimilarity LP is out March 13 on vinyl and digitally. Meanwhile, you can hear the Sophia Loizou and Alessandro Cortini collaborations below.