Peggy Gou is back with Nabi, her first single in over two years.

“Nabi” is a piece of slow-burning electronic pop, inspired by ’80s synth classics, the piano pieces of Erik Satie, and the ’80s and ’90s Korean songs Gou’s mother used to play at home during her childhood. The track is also Gou’s first ever vocal collaboration, as she teams up with OHHYUK, the lead singer in Korean band Hyukoh. Its name translates to “Butterfly.”

The single follows Gou’s collaboration with Baltimore techno legend Maurice Fulton on his Jigoo release for Gudu, Gou’s label. It’s the first of two songs she will release over the coming months; the next is set to dial up the tempo, kicks, 808s and 909s to “soundtrack a summer where we can all (hopefully) dance together in our thousands again,” Gou says.


01. Nabi (feat. OHHYUK)

Nabi is available now. You can stream it below and order it here.