Peggy Gou will release a Ninja Tune EP in March, titled Once.

The Berlin-based Korean has earned a lot of praise for her work over recent years, both through her mixes and her releases on Ninja Tune’s Technicolour, Rekids, and Phonica White. Sitting somewhere between Detroit, London, and Berlin in sound, her DJ sets are an assured, kinetic combination of dark, pulsing house and techno, broken beats, and abstract compositions.

She’s now set to debut on Ninja Tune itself with Once, a three-track release that the label describes as “sleek, instantly danceable, and effortless in its simplicity.” We’re told that it “shows off a new dimension” of Gou’s production style, featuring her composing and actually singing lyrics for the first time—in her mother tongue Korean. “I’ve recorded my voice before but this time I tried to sing… I’m not a pro singer but I did my best,” she laughs.

Describing the 12”, she says: “I really wanted to represent different styles and moods on this EP, from “open-air” warm-up vibes to “proper party.” I tried to draw on all my influences of the last few years, from electro, African music, early ’90s house music, and also techno, especially Maurice Fulton and DMX Krew.”


01. It Makes You Forget (Itgehane)
02. Hundres Times
03. Han Jan

Once 12”/Digital will be released on March 2, with the EP opener streaming in full below.