Morr Music certainly knows slow motion electro-pop, with artists from B. Fleishmann to The Go Find to Isan mellowing out the German electronic stratosphere. But like the other side of German electronics (i.e. techno and all of its derivatives), Morr has found itself in somewhat of a pigeonhole (see mopey, indie-pop songwriting), so the label’s newest signing, People Press Play, is the breath of fresh air we’ve been waiting for.

On its debut album, the Danish group’s music functions on a digi-pop plane that, while consistent with other Morr releases, resonates with more maturity. Layers of multi-octave vocal harmonies hang over corresponding synth patterns, turning an otherwise Morr-friendly song into a kaleidoscopic pop abyss more akin to a band like Air than any artist on the label’s roster. Still relatively green on the music scene, this foursome will be one to keep an eye on in months to come. 

People Press Play is out June 15, 2007 on Morr Music.

1. Girl
2. Always Wrong
3. These Days
4. That walk
5. Hanging On
6. Frail
7. Studio
8. Before Me
9. Everything
10. Stop