Elusive and eccentric French house producer Pépé Bradock has unveiled an EP he is releasing under a new alias—Baby Craddock.

Bradock has been active in the house music world since the ’90s, and was responsible for some of the most infamous and memorable tracks out there: “Deep Burnt,” “Path of Most Resistance” and “Life” to name a few. In more recent years he has put out a string of far-out, psychedelic takes on the genre, mainly through his own Atavisme, as well as an acid-heavy EP on Absurd.

The Frenchman has now announced his latest project—a six track EP under the alias Baby Craddock, via Atavisme. Enigmatic as ever, the release comes with description, “Braddock is dead, long live the Baby Craddock.” Across the cuts, it appears to chop through downtempo house and trippy ambient stylings, in a similar vein to those recent releases.

Baby Craddock will drop on August 26. Preview snippets and pre-order the EP at Deejay.de and Phonica.

01. “Yakuze”
02. “Grodno”
03. “Sainte-Maure”
04. “Underground Monongahela”
05. “Boom Boom Crash”
06. “1755”