Pépé Bradock will release his latest album, What A Mess!, via his own Atavisme label this coming May. 

The album, Bradock’s first since 1998’s Synthèse, follows two recent EPs, Exodus 8 and ATA019, both through Atavisme last year. It consists of one track split across two sides, and has no tracklisting because “I like the idea that the listener or owner of the record can freely pick the tracks’ names according to his own interpretation, while listening, with the words on the back of the cover since they were used to compose the music,” Bradock explains. 

“It all started with words, and a project for an art book with a CD—acronym for Corps Diplomatiques—as a tribute to a special diplomatic elephant called Abul Abbas,” the Parisian house producer adds. “A few mundane terms, picked randomly, then coupled with frequencies chosen in a spontaneous way for their presupposed properties or synchronicities, whether in space, orbital rhythms, color spectrum, or electro-magnetic fields. Those free associations became the foundation for a written composition, the reprogramming of recordings of computer improvisations, and a dialogue with the visual elements of the book.”

The vinyl-only release is limited to 1000 copies, and comes with original artwork from Bradock’s past Atavisme 12″s. A book about the label’s design history is also forthcoming later this year.

Track length

A : 22:16

B : 22:50

Pre-order a copy of What A Mess! here ahead of its May 10 release, with the cover below.