Perc Trax label head Ali Wells (a.k.a. Perc) and Tom Russel (a.k.a. Truss) have announced they will release a collaborative EP next month. Set to appear on Well’s Perc Trax Ltd. sublabel, the forthcoming Spiker EP (artwork above) will feature three new tracks from the pair of London producers, which—as Wells explains in an interview with Juno Plus—provide “a snapshot of what is happening in London right now—acid lines, tough drums and an emphasis on rawness, rather than atmospheric sounds… It is a direct sound, one that gets to the point quickly without any unnecessary fluff.” Before Perc & Truss’ Spiker EP drops in mid-August, its tracklist and a stream of the title track can be found below.

A1. Clapacid
B1. Spiker
B2. Broken