Ivan Iacobucci will debut on Perlon with his new four-track EP, Logic Solution. 

Iacobucci is an Italian DJ-producer and a recognised figure in his country’s house and techno scene since for nearly three decades. He’s released an album on Imprints,  2017’s Taboos, and has also appeared on Apollonia, Nite Grooves, and Smoke Joke Records. He also releases as Abstract Tune, U-More, and KGB. 

The release follows Maayan Nidam’s See Of Thee album and EPs from International Everything, Spacetravel, and Fumiya Tanaka on the Frankfurt-born label. We’re told to expect “four magic excursions through unknown territories.” 


A1. Logic Solution 

A2. Platinum Tooth 

B1. Magic Tribulation 

B2. Android

Logic Solution lands March 22 on vinyl, with clips here.