Pessimist has teamed up with Loop Faction (together known as Boreal Massif) on a new album called We All Have An Impact (Even Hippies Do).

The 12-track album is the third release on Pessimist Productions, following a collaborative LP between Pessimist and Karim Maas. As the title suggests, it focuses on the destruction of the natural world and our ecosystems, and aims to show that there’s more to electronic music than a shallow and empty narrative. It’s built from field recordings and a palette of trip-hop and drum & bass influences. “This is raw, unpolished, anarcho-electronics and not one to sleep on,” the label explains.

Pessimist and Loop Faction have collaborated on Cylon Recordings under a different alias, but this is their first time working as Boreal Massif.

“No one is perfect, certainly not me and also not Reuben (a.k.a Loop Faction). I think in this modern technological world, it seems people are so distracted, not many people go out to the British countryside anymore, they’d rather take a photo of themselves in a mirror.” — Pessimist


A1. We All Have An Impact
A2. Low Forties
A3. Dew Point Rising
A4. Angel Of Dub
A5. Weather In August
A6. Deerhound
B1. Black Rapids
B2. The Brink Of Extinction
B3. Fast Fashion
B4. Artificial World (A Manmade Catastrophe)
B5. Somewhere In Galicia
B6. Spatial Patterns

We All Have An Impact (Even Hippies Do) lands on October 11 on and digital formats. Meanwhile you can stream a trailer below.