Croatian DJ-producer Petar Dundov is set to release a new album entitled At The Turn of Equilibrium on the Belgian music label Music Man Records.

The eight-tracker is Dundov’s fifth long-player and encompasses all of the inimitable production qualities of his previous albums, while exploring a broader set of moods and themes.

Dundov explains: “This time, in addition to using more sound textures, I introduced parts with classical instruments like piano and strings. As the album is about life and how it evolves, from purely a physical body to a thinking person, the songs are sequenced from faster, simple-rhythmic, cyclic, body moving tracks to slower, more complex layered, beatless mind tracks.”


01. Then Life (04.51)
02. The Lattice (10.18)
03. Before It All Ends (10.17)
04. Midnight Orchestra (09.09)
05. Mist (10.47)
06. New Hope (06.51)
07. Missing You (12.33)
08. Everlasting Love (12.07)

At The Turn of Equilibrium is available via Music Man Records on May 6, 2016.