Prolific producer and one-time XLR8Rpodcast contributor Peter Van Hoesen will release a new live album this fall, recorded during the longstanding artist’s July 19 performance at Berlin nightlife institution Tresor. Cheekily entitled Life Performance, the forthcoming record presents 60 minutes—broken up into 14 tracks—of Van Hoesen piecing together live compositions while utilizing a hardware-focused arsenal of gear and leaving room for much in-the-moment improvisation. The LP will see an official release on October 21 via Tresor, naturally, but in the meantime, its artwork and tracklist can be found below.

01 Hyperion
02 Subjects from the Past
03 Exacting Reward
04 Carbon
05 Challenger
06 Assembly
07 Azur
08 Deceive / Perform
09 Turmoil
10 Causal Condition
11 Force Withdrawn
12 Protocol
13 Ascending
14 Arrival