Mule Musiq will release a new Petre Inspirescu album.

Vîntul Prin Salcii is the Romanian musician’s second full-length on Mule Musiq. Much the [a :rpia:r] member’s 2015 album on the Japanese imprint, Vin Ploile, the forthcoming release looks set to explore instrumentalism and “neo-classical sounds” (as opposed to the minimal house that he made his name from). The LP’s seven tracks were put together with live piano, string and wind instruments, in combination with some analog electronics.

Vîntul Prin Salcii will be released March 31. Stream “Miroslav 4” in full below.


01. Miroslav 1
02. Miroslav 2
03. Miroslav 3
04. Miroslav 4
05. Miroslav 5
06. Miroslav 6
07. Miroslav 7