Bristol mainstay Peverelist has delivered a mini-LP for Bass Clef’s Magic and Dreams imprint. The Livity Sound member and Punch Drunk label co-head’s 12,000 Seconds is part of a newly conceived series by the same name, which lays out a basic framework for its releases. Participating artists given the same set of eight track times—0:06, 0:23, 1:11, 2:37, 3:03, 3:14, 4:20, and 6:06—and are then free to do whatever they want, as long as they stick to the time perimeters. (It turns out the math actually adds up to 12,060 seconds, but the series title has stuck as, Bass Clef says, “a reminder of my infallibility.”)

Peverelist’s contribution to the 12,000 Seconds project is due to see a cassette release on December 5, with Stateside experimentalist Ashley Paul’s version on the b-side. A second 12,000 Seconds split cassette from leftfield UK acts Vi and Hacker Farm is due out on the same day. While digital versions for all four efforts are already available, Peverelist’s “Caught a Glimpse” and “Kinetics” can be streamed in full below, along with a complete tracklist.

01. Introduction
02. Caught a Glimpse
03. In a Spin
04. Kinetics
05. A Brief Transmission
06. Silvers
07. OK Run It
08. Until the Next Time