Credit: Mike Kubeck

The experimental trio of Phew, Oren Ambarchi, and Jim O’Rourke has announced the release of the live album Patience Soup, scheduled to land March 29 with Ambarchi’s Black Truffle Records

The album documents a live performance at the Kitakyushu Performing Arts Center on November 4, 2015 which found the trio “inhabiting an uneasy landscape of moans, howls, and smeared electronic sonorities.”  The release comes packaged with images by Traianos Pakioufakis and an inner sleeve with live pictures from Mike Kubeck. Stephen O’Malley, best known for his work with Sunn O))), designed the album sleeve.

Black Truffle adds: “‘Patience Soup’ finds the trio inhabiting an uneasy landscape of moans, howls, and smeared electronic sonorities. Presented in atmosphere-enhancing room fidelity, the set begins in crunching textural abstraction and Phew’s vocal asides, set against a backdrop of Ambarchi’s shimmering Leslie-cabinet guitar tones and O’Rourke’s synthetic slivers. A testament to the risk-taking prowess of these three master improvisers, the performance moves organically from ecstatic crescendos powered by Phew’s processed wails to moments of near-silence in which a translucent veil of lingering electronic tones is gently punctuated by O’Rourke’s chiming piano chords. Constantly shifting, both harmonically and dynamically, Patience Soup is suffused throughout with a haunted energy and shows these three established figures continuing to venture out into uncharted territory.

Pre-order for the vinyl, along with sound samples, is here, ahead of the April 12 release date. 


01. Patience Soup Part 1

02. Patience Soup Part 2