Photay has teamed up with vocalist golda may for “Villain,” a new single on Mexican Summer.

“Villain,” available now, prompts you to slow down, unplug, take a step back from the incessancy of modern life, and spend a little more time looking out the window as you sip your morning coffee. The result is an immersive downtempo track textured with catchy hooks. We’re told that it traces Photay’s lineage from his 2017 debut full-length release, Onism, all the way through 2020’s Waking Hours.

Though the collaboration took place during golda may’s trip to New York in the autumn of 2018, the track captures the spirit of the modern day, we’re told, with its lyrics: “I’m sipping on the freedom days/ hanging onto sanity, hoping that I stay around.”

“I had arrived home after a long stretch of touring and a new tranquility hung in the air,” Photay, real name Evan Shornstein, tells XLR8R. “I kicked things off with this blissful floating tone and Ariella (golda may) instantly vocalized these complex articulate melodies over top. It’s not often you jump into a creative collaboration without any icebreaking needed.”


01. Villain (feat. golda may)

Villain (feat. golda may) is available now, with a stream below.