This year marked the second annual Discwoman after-party at Movement Detroit, held on May 28 at UFO Factory.

Discwoman has gained considerable notoriety since its inception in 2014 as a musical platform and collective dedicated to transgender women and gender queer DJ’s and producers. Lead by residents Umfang and Volvox, the collective has paved the way for queer female visibility in electronic music, and has played a key role in the revitalization of the queer techno movement in the United States. The brand’s highly anticipated return to Movement, which featured the Detroit debut of Aurora Halal, as well as sets from Stacey “Hotwaxx” Hale and the Discwoman residents, certainly lived up to expectations—proving that promoting queer and female visibility in dance music only leads to more diverse lineups and therefore more diverse, welcoming, and open-minded parties.

To get a better sense of the gender-bending action that occurred last weekend, we’ve gathered a few snapshots to illustrate one of the most significant events in the queer techno scene today.

All photos by Luis Nieto Dickens.

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