DJ Pierre, Spanky, and Herb J of the Chicago-based acid-house group Phuture have remastered the trio’s seminal record “Acid Tracks” for re-issue on vinyl available now via Juno Records.

Trax Records—the Chicago-based house music label that played a major part in the development of house music during the mid 80’s—has just released a new repressing of “Acid Tracks” by influential acid-house pioneers. Identified by numerous different artists as the first acid house record ever produced, the release features the then uncharacteristic bass lines from the Roland TB-303 bass synthesizer that the acid house genre was built upon. This squelchy bass line was the sound that gave the group it’s identity, and from that identity a whole style of house music would be born. The members of Phuture have also been credited with pioneering and developing the Chicago acid-house sound with their other releases on Trax Records, including the club EP “We Are Phuture.” The vinyl was originally mastered by Marshall Jefferson and includes all three original tracks from the first pressing, including the unmistakable B side combination of ‘Phuture Jacks’ and the cocaine addiction warning message ‘Your Only Friend’. Check out Phuture on Facebook for more info and buy the record directly from Juno Records here.

You can also catch DJ Pierre and Phuture on tour this year, with a live date this Saturday at the Twisted Pepper in Dublin, or next month on July 27 at SummerDance in Grant Park, IL.