Pale Blue is the new alias for Mike Simonetti, a NY producer, paired with the vocals of Elizabeth Wight. The duo’s new double-sided EP Comes Home / Have You Passed Through This Night is remixed by Spanish producer Pional on Man Power’s Me Me Me label.

“Have You Passed Through This Night” is raw and daring, its female vocal reminiscent of innovative early electro. Its lyrics are taken from the film “The Thin Red Line,” a movie about man’s destruction of nature, his world and himself. “Come Home” is equally alluring with a dreamier narrative, and Pional’s remix is stripped back and effortless.

“For these two songs, the inspiration is coming out of the darkness that is inside all of us. It sounds heavy and overbearing, but dance music is the ideal music for escape. It fits perfectly into the Pale Blue agenda. This music was made for a small, dark crowded dancefloors, with low ceilings and high hopes. Humanity is bombarded with suffering and pain at every turn—it’s almost like we thrive on it. But we deserve better. These two songs represent part of that struggle—moving towards the light. Take your frustrations out on the dancefloor. Throw it all away for the night. The B-side is about coming out of darkness, coming home. Finding euphoria in love and security in one another. Feeling lost in the best way.” Pale Blue


01. Comes Home (Pional Remix)
02. Have You Passed Through This Night
03. Comes Home

Comes Home / Have You Passed Through This Night is scheduled for April 7 release.