Pit Er Pat isn’t afraid to experiment. Over the course of three albums, an EP, and a 12″ all hyped between 2004 and 2007, the Chicago-based trio has constantly dabbled in numerous musical styles, disparate rhythms, and unusual melodies. 2008 finds them comfortably trekking the same course with the forthcoming release of High Time, on their longtime home at Thrill Jockey.

For the new album, which will drop October 21, the band holed up in its own studio with guitars, sequencers, and various beat-making machines, not to mention bells, chimes, bongos, kalimbas, gongs, and a boatload of other instruments that should make the release a pleasantly chaotic experience. We hope they release some form of a “making the album” Vimeo clip, because watching them record with all those sounds is probably as intriguing as the record itself will sound.

High Time
01 Anno IV:xx
02 Evacuation Days
03 Omen
04 My Darkers
05 Copper Pennies
06 The Cairo Shuffle
07 Creation Stepper
08 Trod-A-Long
09 The Good Morning Song

Photo by Melanie Schiff.