At the end of last week, Queens-based producer Pivovar released his latest EP, Home, on King Deluxe.

Home follows a string of standout releases on King Deluxe, outings from Your Gay Thoughts, Evy Jane, Flatland Sound Studio, and Pivovar’s genre-hopping collaboration with Jacob 2-2. Like his previous release, Home is an EP that dances through textures and beats; from the deep futurism of opening cut, “Reliquary,” to the footwork-inspired “Render From Memory” and the deep grooves of the EP’s title track, it’s a release that, although coherent, shows that Pivovar has a deft touch no matter what style he takes too.

You can purchase home now via the King Deluxe Bandcamp page, with “Reliquary” streaming in full via the player below.