If you are looking for a futuristic melting pot of house, garage, footwork and bassline samples to use in the studio when you are working on your next track, long-time producer and Terminal Dream label head, Pixelord, has got you covered. Produced by the esteemed Russian beat-maker and currently available on the Samplephonics website, Pixelized is a sample pack that is filled with inspiring 8-bit, synth heavy, and beat infused loops and samples that give you access to all of the sounds that Pixelord has used to produce some of his greatest tracks. All of the sounds in this sample pack are 100% royalty free and come in .wav, .rex2, acid, and Apple Loops formats, complete with playable sampler instrument patches for Ableton Sampler, Sonar SFZ, NNXT, Halion, Maschine, Kontakt, Motu MachFive and EXS24.

In other news, Pixelord has recently taken charge of one of his oldest aliases and put together a VA compilation on his ambient label, Terminal Dream. XLR8R recently spoke with Pixelord and here is what he had to say about this new project:

How did the concept and the music behind Terminal Dream evolve into this new VA complilation?
I started Terminal Dream records by curating the music under my ambient alias Gultskra Artikler. This alias is a side project that has been around even before Pixelord, and I release music under this name from time to time. With the VA compliation, I wanted to show off plenty of new Russian artists and showcase the worldwide ambient, lo-fi, and left-field music that I keep finding in unknown Soundcloud accounts. I also wanted to show off this music among my friends and to Russian underground music scene.

What kind of process did you use to compile the tracks and artwork for this release?
The whole idea was to dig very deep into psychedelic synths and lo-fi music. On this release you won’t find any beats or clean structures, yet the release is beautiful and swirls around in the dust of time. The artwork was created in collaboration with Yayati, one of the artists from compilation. The release will be out digitally, with 30 limited-edition tapes produced.

You can find out more about Pixelized by visiting the Samplephonics website, and you can listen to the new Terminal Dreams compilation by clicking on the media player below.