Ed Handley and Andy Turner (a.k.a. Plaid) have announced their 11th full-length together, which will be released this June.

The UK-based duo first popped up at the end of the ‘80s as part of The Black Dog‘s original lineup, before debuting as Plaid in 1991, and have been putting out inventive, high-quality IDM and electronica since, mainly via Warp. Following on from 2014’s Reachy Prints LP, the pair return to the label with their 11th full-length, The Digging Remedy. It promises to be some of Plaid’s most varied output yet, also featuring contributions from multi-instrumentalist Benet Walsh, both on flute and guitar.

The Digging Remedy is due out on June 10. Check out one of the cuts from it, “Clock,” via the group’s album page. The LP can be pre-ordered through Bleep.

01. Do Matter
02. Dilatone
03. Clock
04. The Bee
05. Melifer
06. Baby Step Giant Step
07. Yu Mountain
08. Lambswood
09. Saladore
10. Reeling Spiders
11. Held
12. Wen