Plaid will release a new album via Warp in June, titled Polymer

Ed Handley and Andy Turner have been expanding the realm of electronic music as Plaid since they diverged from trio The Black Dog in the early ’90s. Today, after nine Warp albums, they stand alongside the likes of Aphex Twin, Autechre, and Nightmares on Wax as mainstays of the British label as it reaches its 30th anniversary. Their last LP, The Digging Remedy, arrived in 2016. 

Covering a wide range of emotions, influences, and inspirations, Polymer is “an album for modern times,” the label explains. Its creation was informed by a manifesto of polyphony, pollution, and politics, exploring themes of environment, synthetics, survival/mortality, and humanity’s (dis)connection.

The problems and benefits of Polymers felt like good themes for this album, their repetitious strength, endurance and troubling persistence, the natural versus the synthetic, silk and silicone, the significant effect they have on our lives.— Plaid 


01. Meds Fade

02. Los

03. Maru

04. Ops

05. Drowned Sea

06. The Pale Moth

07. Dancers

08. Nurula

09. Recall 

10. All To Get Her

11. Dust

12. Crown Shy

13. Praze

Polymer LP lands June 7, with “Maru” and “Recall” streaming below.