Amidst all the activity Carl Craig’s Planet E imprint has been undertaking this year in celebration of its 20 years in existence, the label has quietly been putting together a new four-track compilation EP from exclusively Detroit-based producers aptly titled Detroit Nu.Wav. Featuring new work from some familiar Planet E faces of recent years including Monty Luke (pictured above), Oliverwho Factory, and Reference, the 12″ will also welcome a newcomer to the family in Ezana Harris. Said to represent the current direction in which Craig and company are headed, all of Detroit Nu.Wav‘s contributing parties will each have their own digital-only EP to follow shortly after the comp’s release. Before you can get your hands on the vinyl-only EP next week—July 5 to be exact—Planet E has cooked up a short teaser video with snippets of each tune, which can be found below along with the full tracklist.

01 Oliverwho Factory “Jealousy”
02 Monty Luke “Futura”
03 Reference “Another Place”
04 Ezana Harris “I Am Ready”