To celebrate Planet Mu‘s 300th release, label head Mike Pardinas has compiled a colleciton of unreleased tracks made under his µ-Ziq moniker between 1992 and 1995 for a vinyl-only collection entitled Somerset Avenue Tracks. Culled from the early days of Pardinas’ pioneering µ-Ziq project, the four-sided collection is said to “run the gamut” of his many styles, somewhere between experimental, IDM, and a wide-range of underground electronic music from that era. The retrospective Somerset Avenue Tracks wax will also come with a download card for Somerset Avenue Tracks Vol. 2, which will house 12 extra µ-Ziq tunes from the same period. The limited-edition vinyl run (which has been appropriately cut off at 300) will see a release on February 23, but before then, you can check out the full tracklist below and head here to stream snippets of all of the forthcoming collection’s 24 tracks. (via Juno Plus)

Somerset Avenue Tracks Vol. 1 (Vinyl)
A1 Jewel Tea
A2 Vinxel
A3 Trail Quest
B1 Toy Gun #2
B2 Spooky Tooth
B3 Air
C1 Pollux
C2 Str06
C3 Diala
D1 Airto
D2 Johnson’s Q-Fab
D3 Green Lanes

Somerset Avenue Tracks Vol. 2 (Download)
01 Toss Play
02 Boistron
03 Preero
04 Victor’s March
05 Ischjgt Mmp
06 Billy Bellsium
07 Boilig
08 Sinc
09 Poc
10 Ropt
11 Oh
12 Melodion