Planet Mu will release PlanetMµ25, a 15-track compilation to celebrate the label’s 25th anniversary.

Committed to pushing boundaries, PlanetMµ25 runs from the deep listening of Skee Mask’s Konx-om-Pax remix and Ital Tek‘s “Deadhead” to the drifting tones of Bogdan Racyzynski and the fired-up cubist experiments of Basic Rhythm’s remix of DJ Nate. There’s original work from Gábor Lázár and Rian Treanor, and the collection also displays diverse experiments in footwork, ranging from RP Boo’s dancefloor acid to the juke of Ripatti, better known as Vladislav Delay.

Founded in London by Mike Paradinas, also known as µ-Ziq, Planet Mu began as a Virgin imprint but became independent in 1998. It has remained at the forefront of electronic music ever since, established as a cornerstone for innovative club genres.

Tracklisting, CD

01. East Man & Streema “Know Like Dat”
02. RP Boo “Finally Here” (ft. Afiya)
03. Konx-om-Pax “Rez” (Skee Mask Remix)
04. Ital Tek “Deadhead”
05. Gábor Lázár “Source”
06. DJ Nate “Get Off Me” (Betta Get Back) (Basic Rhythm Remix)
07. Ripatti “Flowers”
08. Speaker Music “Techno Is A Liberation Technology” (ft. AceMo)
09. Jana Rush “Mynd Fuc”
10. Rian Treanor “Closed Curve”
11. Bogdan Raczynski “tteosintae”
12. RUI HO “Hikari”
13. FARWARMTH “Shadows In The Air”
14. Meemo Comma “Tif’eret”
15. Eomac “All The Rabbits In The Tiergarten”

PlanetMµ25 will land on December 4. Meanwhile, you can pre-order here and stream DJ Nate’s “Get Off Me (Betta Get Back)” in full below.