With two buzz-worthy videos floating aroundYouTube for the past year or so, it’s a little surprising that French dream-pop artist Matthieu Le Berre (a.k.a. Vezelay) hasn’t been picked up by a label sooner. However, with the coming release of the Lyre EP on Planet Mu, that is set to change. Lyre, which clocks in at six songs total, is a continuation of the sound hinted at in his earlier material: deep immersive soundscapes led by Le Berre’s resigned falsetto. Lyre doesn’t come out until June 20, but in the meantime you can stream “Sedative” and check out the artwork and tracklisting below. Impatient types can head over to Planet Mu for a preview of the entire EP.

1. Sedative
2. Demure
3. Archetype

1. Lyre
2. Homeboy
3. Coma