There’s no doubt about it, we’re in the throes of a full-blown juke and footwork explosion. Over the past year or so, ยต-Ziq‘s trend-setting Planet Mu label has been at the fore of the movement, documenting it as it happens. Next month, the label will be offering up its latest chapter, the brand-new Ghettontechnitianz EP. Crafted by Chicago’s Ghettotechnitianz, a consortium of producer/DJs that includes such heavyweights as DJ Rashad (pictured above), Traxman, Gant-Man, DJ Spinn, DJ Manny, and DJ Earl, the EP contains all the hallmarks you’d expect from such a cast of characters, but it promises to go deep into the house roots of the sound with references to Mike Dunn’s “So Let it Be House” and Chuck Robert’s “My House.”Ghettotechnitianz comes out October 10, but while you wait, check out the artwork and tracklisting below.

1. DJ Rashad & Gant-Man – Heaven Sent
2. DJ Earl – Enlightenment
3. Traxman – We Are Da Best
4. DJ Rashad & DJ Manny – R House
5. DJ Spinn – Don’t Shoot
6. DJ Manny – All I Do Is (Smoke Trees)