Luke Slater (a.k.a. Planetary Assault Systems) will soon release The Light Years Reworks, a remix album featuring reworks of P.A.S material from Slater’s closest friends and collaborators, such as Function, Marcel Fengler, Lucy, Psyk, KSP, Octave One, Steve Bicknell, and SLAM.

Having already unleashed a considerable amount of collaborative magic with the Planetary Funk: 22 Light Years series of remix EPs, Luke Slater now steps forward with six full sides’ worth of material, all of them injecting the spirit of classic P.A.S. into new sonic organisms.

Using motifs from past P.A.S. successes, Luke Slater and his cohorts join here to make something “radical and revitalizing,” according to the label, who describe the album as “too cohesive for a “compilation album and with too much autonomy granted to the guest remixers to be a simple “tribute.”


A1 / 1. Twelve (Marcel Fengler Rework)
A2 / 2. Diesel Drudge (Function Rework)
B1 / 3. Surface Noise (P.A.S. Live Rework)
B2 / 4. Twelve (Psyk Rework)
C1 / 5. Booster (Octave One Rework)
C2 / 6. Function 6 (K.S.P. Rework)
D1 / 7. Surface Noise (Lucy Rework)
E1 / 8. Raid (Steve Bicknell Rework)
E2 / 9. Tap Dance (P.A.S. Live Rework)
F1 / 10. Temporary Suspension (SLAM Rework)
F2 / 11. Whistle Viper (P.A.S. Live Rework)

The Light Years Reworks is scheduled for March 10 release, with a James Ruskin rework of “Function 4” streamable and downloadable below as a forthcoming digital bonus.