New York’s Plant Music will switch gears a moment this fall and take a break from their Sound of Young New York series, instead presenting a compilation of tracks closer to home. The fifteen tracks here are taken from the label’s 12″ series, and feature a selection of indie rock and electronic music, some as original tracks and some as remixes of tracks that have appeared on the Sound of Young New York compilation, including several appearances from Germany’s Gomma roster.

The compilation is available November 14, 2006 on Plant Music.


1. Mainline “Black Honey” (Whomadewho Remix)
2. Revlon 9 “Someone Like You”
3. Shy Child “Summer”
4. Rinôçerôse “Stop It”
5. The Voices “Sure Thing” (Munk Hacienda Mix)
6. Neurotic Drum Band “Were Gonna Rock New York” (The Glass Remix)
7. The Champagne “Mazatlán”
8. Don Cash “Star Dust”
9. The Glass “I’m Off”
10. Alex Gopher “Beep Beep”
11. 33Hz “Digital Lover”
12. DJ Wool “Friend Crush”
13. Sabotage Orchestra “Everybody”
14. Alister Doomington “Loving The Fix” (Photocall Galaxy Mix)
15. Ilana “5.05” (Selway LIghtwave Remix)