As stated on Philadelphia-based group Plastic Little’s MySpace page, “The chances of seeing Plastic Little outside of Philly, NYC, NJ, or DC is pretty, pretty slim…it’s not that we’re lazy, we’re just some super broke blokes. Y’know?”

The good news is that the boys seem to have come up with a little extra cash since this posting, enough to manage a trip out West, with a couple stops in Canada and the Midwest along the way.

Live performances and lack of cash aside, the group has been receiving praise for its most recent long-player She’s Mature. The album peaked the interest of folks like Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard and Pink Skull, both of whom took a shot at remixing the the group’s breakthrough track, “Drizzhollering,” for the recently-released digital-only EP Driz-bodia. Add a few hilarious videos into the mix, and it appears that Plastic Little is keeping busy, constantly finding new ways to approach their goofy, sometimes absurd hybrid of hip-hop and pop. Hopefully they earn some cash in the near future too.

Fred Miketa

Driz-bodia is out now on Tonearm.

06/07 Washington, DC: DC9
06/15 Chicago, IL: Hyde Park Arts Center
06/16 Chicago, IL: TBA
06/23 Philadelphia, PA: M-Room
07/12 Calgary, AB: Hi-Fi Club
07/13 Edmonton, AB: Khz
07/15 Seattle, WA: The War Room
07/19 San Francisco, CA: Milk Bar
07/20 Los Angeles, CA: Echoplex