As anyone up on their European knowledge can attest to, Poland is quickly becoming a hotbed of digital culture, not only because it is a cheap and beautiful country, but also because of arts organizations like the Plateaux Foundation. For the second year, the group is putting on a festival curated to present the world’s leading multimedia artists, audiovisual and VJ art, and experimental films, as well as live electronic and electro-acoustic music. Some XLR8R favorites will be making appearances, including Lusine, Akufen, Bodycode, and Svarte Greiner. The festival takes place over four days and is spread through two of Poland’s most beautiful cities, Bydgoszcz and Toru?, the latter being the home of the Center for Contemporary Art, as well as the birthplace of Nicolas Copernicus. Sure to be an amazing experience, the Plateaux Festival takes place from November 19-22. More info can be found here.

Artists appearing at Plateaux:

Deaf Center [NO] + Claudio Sinatti [IT]
Ezekiel Honig [US]
Glitterbug [IL/DE] + Ronni Shendar [IL]
Byetone [DE]
Joshue Ott [US]
Lusine [US]
Morgan Packard [US]
Chris Herbert [UK]
Svarte Greiner [NO]
Tilman Erhorn [DE]
Simon Scott [UK]
Akufen [CA]
Bodycode [US]
Sutekh [US]
Fennesz [AT] + Lillevan [DE]
Kirk [PL] + Jeffers Egan [US]
Lawrence English [AU] + Makino Takashi [JP]
The Sight Below [US] + Simon Scott [UK]
snd [UK]
RUETS by MeaKusma [BE]
UTP by Noto/Sakamoto [DE]
Audio.Visual by Fluctuating Images [DE]

…and many more to be announced soon!