Man I went through some ish to get this one done! One trip to Radio Shack, a last minute Too Short download, running up four flights of stairs three times, five Tecates later, and here we go. A little something for hot, drunk summer afternoons – a nasty selection of my favorite grime and 4×4 garage jams of the last few years mixed up with some crunk business and a few surprises to make you go “Uhhhhhhh.” A little crunchy in parts but I was trying to transmit the energy more than anything else – bobbing around like a Muppet while I made this. Maximum respect to Will for coming through serious for this one. REWIND!
Star Eyes, Trouble & Bass

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01. Kerby “Cold As Ice” (white)
02. Youngstar “Bongo” FX (DDJs Productions)
03. Plastician “Cha!” (Terrorhythm)
04. Plastician “Badboy” (white)
05. Sizzla & Bone Crusher “Never Scared Remix” (white)
06. DaVinChe “Phaze” (Paperchase Recordings)
07. MIMS feat. Junior Reid and Baby Cham “Why I’m Hot Remix” (Capitol)
08. Mathhead “Dreamtigers” (Terminal Dusk)
09. Blackjack feat. No Lay and Hyper “Straight Off the Block” (On A Level)
10. Drop The Lime “E-Lock” (Tigerbeat6)
11. C.L.A.W.S. “C.L.A.W.S. Theme” (Curses Remix)
12. Skream “Who R Those Guys” (Big Apple)
13. Dizzee Rascal “I Love U” (XL Recordings)
14. Skream “Midnight Request Line” (Tempa)
15.Crime Mobb “Stilettos”
16. DaVinChe feat. Roxy “Dis Gal” (white)
17. DJ Dread D “Howlin'” (Black Ops)
18. DJ Mondie feat. Flirta D, Nappa, Shizzle, & Ribz “Pull Up Dat (Dexplicit Remix)” (DXP Recordings)
19. Dexplicit “Change Formation (Hench 2)” (DXP Recordings)
20. Alias “Warriors (4 x 4 Remix)” (Alias Recordings)
21. Too Short “Blow The Whistle” (Jive)
22. Skepta “Duppy” (white)