Poker Flat began incorporating a vague gambling theme into its label compilations with 2006’s Bets’n’Bluffs, and will continue the trend come March 3 with Dead Man’s Hand, the label’s sixth sampler that, according to a press release, is a “high stakes all-nighter… full of carefully judged mind games and more than a few winning surprises.”

Said surprises come in the form of house and techno bangers by the likes of Martin Landsky, Jeff Samuel, Märtini Brös, and, of course, Poker Flat boss Steve Bug, who has mixed the first disc of the compilation. Producer and DJ Clé, of Märtini Brös, steps in for the second disc, incorporating both past Poker Flat classics and new material ready and waiting to generate buzz in the dance music world. Both discs feature tracks made exclusively for Dead Man’s Hand.

Steve Bug will also be jetting to every corner of the globe this spring, for his standard European gigs as well as appearances in the U.S., Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Dead Man’s Hand Tracklisting
1. Steve Bug & Clé “Behind the Curtains”
2. Simon Flower “The Whisper Had It (Redshape’s Discodub)”
3. Jeff Samuel “Relapse”*
4. Martin Landsky “Man High”
5. Steve Bug “A World Without”
6. Matthias Heilbronn “Do it Right (Matty’s PFR Mix)”
7. Dan Berkson & James What “Indigo”*
8. Mark Loewen “Bright Night”
9. Martin Landsky “Let Me Dance (Sebo K Remix)”
10. Aril Brikha “Life Like”

1. Raudive “Needles (Steve Bug Remix)”
2. Guido Schneider & Florian Schirmacher “Organic”*
3. Martin Landsky “Cold Eyes (Version 2)”
4. Ryo Murakami “Nightmare”
5. Märtini Brös “From Buleaux”
6. Märtini Brös “Towards Buleaux”
7. Dan Berkson & James What “Reflections feat. Robert Owens”
8. Martin Landsky “Let Me Dance”
9. Steve Bug “Momwack”*
10. Clé “All Dried Out”*
11. Steve Bug & Clé “Hidden Pleasure”
12. Maik Loewen “Napping at the Switch”
13. Märtini Brös “Karawane”
14. Ryo Murakami “Her”*

* Exclusively produced for this compilation

Steve Bug Tour Dates
02/22 Sapporo, Japan: Precious Hall
02/23 Tokyo, Japan, Spacelab Yellow
02/29 Melbourne, Australia: Colonial Hotel
03/01 Sydney, Australia: Mad Racket
03/07 Auckland, New Zealand: Coherent
03/08 Sydney, Australia: Playground Weekender
03/15 Brussels, Belgium: Fuse
03/20 Montreal, QC: Parking
03/21 Chicago, IL: Spybar
03/22 Denver, CO: 2936 Larimer
03/23 Toronto, ON: Footwork
04/12 Berlin, Germany: Watergate
04/25 Lausanne, Switzerland: D! Club
04/26 Zurich, Switzerland: The Hive
05/17 Rome, Italy: Brancaleone

Photo of Steve Bug by Katja Ruge.