Pole has produced the next Con-Struct album.

The Con-Struct series, which has previously featured contributions from the likes of Schneider TM and Pyrolator, is dedicated to recycling archived material from the late Conrad Schnitzler, the German composer and concept artist who was a former member of both Tangerine Dream and Kluster.

Up next, with the fifth instalment in the series, is a contribution from Stefan Betke (better known as Pole). Despite having not warmed to Schnitzler’s early works, Betke cites him as being a key influence. “After that, everything happened all by itself. I found out more about this Schnitzler from Berlin who always impressed me with his complexity, his humorous nature and almost absurd variety,” he stated. “Contrary to the original Con-Struct concept, however, it was my idea to do it [the album] half and half: 50 percent sounds from Conrad and 50 percent from me.”

Bureau B will release Conrad Schnitzler & Pole’s Con-Struct on March 31. Stream clips below.


01. Wurm
02. Sieht Hoch
03. Lacht
04. Und Fängt Den Vogel!
05. Drachenbäume Sind friedliche Wesen
06. Wiegenlied Für Katzen